Atys-co Kft.

Atys-co Kft.


Automation systems  

  • planning
  • execution
  • operation
  • maintenance

Here at ATYS CO LTD we have always followed a highly dynamic development path that has worked within the framework of our strict business ethics.

With a keen focus on quality, we pride ourselves on being able to move and adapt with the ever improving technology to ensure stability and progress for the Company.

We have experience strong growth and through building excellent customer relationships, our expectations as we face all challenges remain high, backed by the strength of our own Company community, along with the basic strategic vision already set out in the beginning.

Strategic Vision

Team building awareness, continuous training of staff

Raising the level of capital reserve to ensure that the company can meet the current needs of the partners to the extent possible.

The company is vendor-independent, that is, devices and methods for selection always solved the technological parameters of the task or the customer’s expectations, and their requirements were met.

The company must provide a full range of services to the Customer for the entire life of the system themselves. (Survey, study plans, working drawings, HW-SW design, field instrumentation, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance contract activity.)

Business partners gradually increasing the value of orders thus confirming the appropriateness of our efforts.

At ATYS CO LTD, we understand the need to maintain the trust of its existing and future needs of our potential business partners and it remains our key focus in doing so, in order to drive our business forward.