Elimec Electromechanical Engineering (1988) Ltd

Elimec Electromechanical Engineering (1988) Ltd

1 Lishansky Street, Rishon Le Zion, 75650, Israel

Contact: Eran Reshef

Tel: +972 73-2629629

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.elimec.co.il

About Elimec

ELIMEC Electro-Mechanical Engineering specializes in importing & marketing electro-mechanical products & components for military and commercial use and provides engineering support for Clients’ Customized applications.

Elimec Electro-Mechanical Engineering (1988) Ltd specializes in importing and marketing components and electro – mechanical and other useful military and industrial components. Elimec provides solutions for design and manufacture of components and assemblies according to customers specific requirements. Elimec is an exclusive representative in Israel of the leading manufacturers in their field as well as serving Europe and the Far East as a distributor of licensed products.


Relays, Connectors (Connectors), elastomers, thermostats, lighting, Car power filters, shock absorbers, Switches and Sabbaths, RF components, cables and wires, lighting, night vision equipment, keyboards, joysticks, steering knobs, Trackballs, magnets, PCB, High Voltage Products, Racks rugged, monitors, Shields and filtering MITAM (RFI / EMI), Potentiometers, telescopic rails and more.

Our clients:

IMI, IAI, Rafael, Elbit, Ministry of Defence, Tadiran, HP-Indigo, Applied Materials, ECI.

Elimec is certified by ISO 9001:2008.