FQ Ingenieria Electronica SA

FQ Ingenieria Electronica SA

Avda. De les Roquetes, 9

Poligon Industrial Vilanoveta,

08812 Sant Pere de Ribes,



Contact: Xavier Ferre

Tel: +34 93 208 0258

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.fqingenieria.com


FQ Ingeniería Electrónica is a company oriented to supply advanced engineering solutions to system integrators and equipment manufacturers in the areas of:

  • Smart Identification (Smart Ident)
  • Proximity RFID (Rfid)
  • Thermal Printers (Integra Print)
  • Human-Machine Interfaces (Human Touch)

It is an independent company of family origin, set up by the end of 1984 in Barcelona (Spain).

Business concept

The business concept of FQ Ingeniería Electrónica, is based on Specialization and Know-How, in hardware and software. This enables us to advise our customers at the beginning of their projects, supplying the best technology products and systems for each application. All that with a guarantee and an excellent after-sale service.

Products and Services

FQ Ingeniería Electrónica represents the best international firms in each speciality, combining their products, with its own hardware and software development. We emphasize on the quality and easy use of products and systems.

Our job does not finish with the delivery. We wish the customer to feel confortable. That is why we offer technical support, advice, and detailed documentation supported by a team of professionals who provide a quick and satisfactory answer to the needs of our customers.

We have organized three areas of products and systems: Smart Ident, Rfid, Integra Print and Human Touch.

Quality system ISO 9001 / 2000

To guarantee all company activities, such as products, services, and processes and that they meet the expectations of customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, the company is managed according to ISO 9001 / 2000 standards.