Ball and Scroll Wheel Module

This module is a high specification assembly engineered specifically for use in a medical environment as part of a console to control the movements of surgical equipment via a CAN bus interface. The module incorporates multiple safety systems designed to eliminate unintended movements, including sensor redundancy and capacitive user detection. It also incorporates backlighting features with the ability to change colours and intensity. The materials used within the construction of this module have been selected for compatibility with medical wipes / cleaning agents. This unit has been designed to be back of panel mounted.

Ball and Scroll Wheel Module


  • CAN bus interface
  • Ball and scroll wheel assemblies
  • Connection for E-Stop switch (including backlighting control)
  • Motion redundancy and error checking
  • HALO backlighting rings
  • Capacitive user detect system
  • 1 Membrane style switch with┬áLED backlighting


  • Medical consoles and systems
  • OEM custom solutions available

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