TX5 T-Track

Leveraging and harnessing the inherent advantages of touch based solutions, alongside the ever intuitive and supremely accurate IP68 trackball, the X50 M-Track module includes no moving parts other than the ball itself and offers a unique ball retention system to allow for straightforward, quick, and seamless servicing and decontamination – making it the world’s most easy to clean trackball solution.

TX5 T-Track


  • Hybrid Capacitive Touch-Track Technology
  • Composite USB electrical interface (keyboard and mouse)
  • Trackpad area for touch based gestures and inputs
  • IP68 Sealing
  • Unique Ball Retention
  • No moving parts other than the ball
  • Control dashboard for adjustment of trackball/panel performance;
  • Single continuous surface to aid cleaning, decontamination and sterilisation
  • Panel lock feature to support cleaning of the control panel


  • Industrial consoles
  • Medical systems
  • Marine systems
  • Custom keyboard applications
  • OEM custom solutions available

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