Scroll Wheel – Backlit, Rear Panel Mount

Particularly ideal for use in low light level environments, the Scroll Wheel Backlit (Rear Panel) module features Backlight LED illumination whilst providing the same scroll, pan, and middle switch functionality found in scroll wheels installed in commercial desktop mice. Utilising reliable non-contacting Hall effect technology, the device provides environmental protection up to IP68, ensuring continued operation even when exposed to the most extreme environments. It has been designed to be back of panel mounted into OEM keyboards and consoles.

Scroll Wheel - Backlit, Rear Panel Mount


  • Backlight LED illumination feature (various colours available)
  • Hall effect encoding technology
  • Sealing up to IP68
  • Integrated switch function (middle button function)
  • Optional detent scrolling mechanism
  • USB & PS2 (auto-select) or TTL quadrature output
  • Smooth operation in rugged environments
  • Various wheel colours available
  • Custom mounting bracket options available


  • Industrial control panels
  • Military/Marine/Medical user interface panels
  • Sound and lighting consoles
  • Colour correction consoles
  • OEM custom solutions available

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