R38 Trackball

Introducing the R38 Trackball: Precision and Control Redefined. Experience unparalleled accuracy with our R38 trackball, equipped with cutting-edge infra-red optical navigation technology. Its 38mm ball offers precise cursor control, while integrated switches for left, middle, right, forward, and backward actions streamline your workflow. Navigate with ease through both horizontal and vertical Z-axis scrolling and choose between linear and continuous scrolling modes for your preferred experience. With five resolution configurations and high and low toggle modes, tailor your cursor sensitivity to suit any task. Our R38 trackball is designed for all users, offering both left and right-handed configurations via a single button. Say goodbye to the hassle of batteries - the R38 comes with a dependable wired USB connection, ensuring high reliability and uninterrupted productivity. Unlock a new level of precision and efficiency with the R38 trackball.

R38 Trackball


  • Unique Ambidextrous Design
  • Infra-red optical navigation technology
  • 38mm ball for precise cursor movement
  • Innovative Touch Scroll Pad
  • Selectable 1000hz and 250hz polling rate
  • Six configurable buttons
  • RGB Lighting
  • Various custom option available


  • Medical systems
  • Marine systems
  • Custom keyboard applications
  • Industrial consoles
  • Desktop applications
  • OEM custom solutions available

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