Custom M-Track: Type 1

In addition to the standard configurations, Cursor Controls are able to utilise the trackball and touchpad core technologies to produce bespoke M-Track products designed to be seamlessly integrated in custom user interface panels. Our M-Track solutions offer a number of customisable features such as ball size & colour, overlay design, button functions, LED illumination, and audible & haptic feedback. If we do not already have a product that meets your requirements, we would welcome the opportunity to develop one for you.

Custom M-Track: Type 1


  • Hybrid Capacitive Touch-Track Technology
  • Composite USB electrical interface (keyboard and mouse)
  • Custom touch area incorporating function keys
  • Custom decals and colour scheme
  • IP68 Sealing
  • Unique magnetic ball retention
  • No moving parts other than the ball
  • Single continuous surface to aid cleaning, decontamination and sterilisation
  • Audible and kinaesthetic(haptic) feedback
  • Panel lock feature to support cleaning of the control panel


  • Medical systems
  • Custom keyboard applications
  • OEM custom solutions available

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