F38 3 Switch Module – Illuminated

The F38 Switch Module Halo has three integrated switches and an illuminated ring around the ball incorporated into the unit, all of which can be configured or customised as per the user’s requirements. These features make this unit the ideal choice for use in low light environments, and where robustness and additional functions are required. The module can also be configured with various top plate styles and has been designed to be front of panel mounted as part of a rugged console.

F38 3 Switch Module - Illuminated


  • Halo backlighting feature – variety of colours, excellent for use in low light environments
  • Electrical Output: USB or PS/2
  • Three integrated switches providing left, middle and right button functionality
  • Smooth operation in rugged environments
  • Excellent environmental protection (IP65 sealing rating, high corrosion resistance & impact strength)
  • Patented anti-vibration technology for use in environments where vibration/shock is commonplace
  • Various top plate configurations available
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality system
  • Further configuration options available


  • Ruggedised systems
  • Military systems
  • Marine systems
  • Aerospace consoles
  • Custom consoles


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