Scroll Wheel Modules

Originally developed for inclusion in our waterproof ergonomic trackball range, the fully waterproof Scroll Wheel Modules have been adapted to offer a stand-alone input solution which can be integrated either as a top mount or rear panel mount module. These devices are highly customisable and provide a high specification, precise, and versatile solution for single-axis input applications.

Product Ranges

Scroll Wheel – Rear Panel Mount

The Scroll Wheel (Rear Panel) module is a high specification human interface device that provides the same scroll, pan, and middle…  

Scroll Wheel – Backlit, Rear Panel Mount

Particularly ideal for use in low light level environments, the Scroll Wheel Backlit (Rear Panel) module features Backlight LED…

Scroll Wheel – Top Panel Mount

The Scroll Wheel (Top Panel) module has been designed to be installed into the front face of a panel using snap features integrated...

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